Monday, April 30

Jojoland Harmony...

beautiful colours! very soft!

... very thin...

that's a size US1 dpn in there to give you some idea of how fine this yarn is.

i could use it double stranded, but i'd be really anal about getting the colours to match and that would take the fun out of knitting it up.

i bought an Addi Turbo circular in size US2 for use with this yarn. i'm going to give it a try, but i have a feeling i'm going to have to go back to Camilla Valley Farm and get a much smaller size. not that i mind. not one bit! LOL.

(here's the link to Jojoland's eBay store)

of course there has been soaping going on too. a lot of it this morning. Friday was a bad day for creating soap/body butter, because John was home with a migraine. no scents allowed. they really agitate his migraines. so we refrained. Saturday and Sunday were my turn. headache city. so today the kids made up for it. especially with scents i, personally, don't really like... like Jasmine. Jake has decided it's a delish scent.

and Patchouli (i have to be in the mood for it, when i am i LOVE it, when i'm not... blech)... the dude says it reminds him of the beach. unfortunately his Patchouli soap isn't quite up to selling standards. but the Jasmine soaps turned out great :) he really likes the massage bar molds:

we've got a new scent too... a small bar is going in the shower for testing. Apricot and Honey. so far we're all loving it.

alrighty. the kids are outside enjoying the weather, i've got a few things i've got to get done and then i'm trying out the Jojoland on the US2's.


TracyKM said...

Unless you're trying to make a dense sweater fabric, you might be surprised at how 'large' a needle you can go. When I just made the Flower Basket Shawl, I used 3.5mm, and when I did the baby blanket/shawl last fall I used 3.75mm with Zephyr laceweight. If you go too big it will loose it's shape though, but you don't always have to go tiny either. Depends a lot on the pattern, how open is it, how much do you want to stretch it when you block it. There are so many more variables when it comes to lace knitting than with just trying to match the gauge for a sweater :) It's very gorgeous. Very, very, very gorgeous....

Jennie said...

Gosh that harmony is really pretty. I can't wait to see how it knits up. :)

z said...

thanks gals. i love it when you guys post comments :D tee hee... makes me feel all warm inside. i'm such a dork.

Tracy... i knit some up on the US2's and it's sooooo light and airy. i think i like it. i'm going to take some pictures and post them as soon as i can :)