Wednesday, April 4

more about the BP

thank you for the comments. it was a stressful afternoon around here! LOL.

so i went in to see a doctor in my family dr's practice this afternoon. my blood pressure was still elevated, but again, nothing to freak out about. it was 150/90 (ish) the first reading... 140/80 (ish) the second time after they let me sit alone and chill out for about ten minutes (i don't remember the exact numbers, just the ballpark). either way, MUCH better than the 170/108 it was at the dentist's office (i do remember those exact numbers because he wrote them down on a slip of paper to bring to my doctor)!!! insane huh!

so it was definitely the stress of waiting to have a tooth pulled... add to that the fact that the kids were NOT ready when we had to leave and we had to almost run up there (literally UP... all uphill to get to the dentist's... bonus is that it's all downhill on the way home! LOL)... the stress that i didn't have enough $ with me to pay fully (and i was just going to tell them AFTER the work was done... yikes... they know me and know i'll pay up as soon as possible, but you know... i have this weird thing where i think if they know i can't pay it all right away they might not do the work). add to that the freakin' weird pain i have from the broken part of the tooth jabbing into my cheek. yuck.

ugh. yeah.

the doctor i saw said she sees no need to put me on blood pressure meds, but she did give me something (water pills. i haven't filled the prescription yet... that's on the to-do list for tomorrow) and i have to go see my own doctor again next week. i have a feeling my doctor will suggest meds.

and she gave me the go-ahead to call the dentist and let him know he can pull the damn tooth before the antibiotics i'm on run out and the infection has a chance to come back.

what shall i tell him? that he's the cause of the super stress? ;) perhaps i should ask for a discount on account of the effect he has on my stress levels. and here i thought i didn't get THAT freaked out at the dentist... guess i'm good at blocking it out. hrmm... maybe the anti-anxiety meds block out the stress feelings, but not my body's reaction to them? ack. i hope my doctor doesn't suggest that upping the dosage on those little buggers is the next move.

bonus, though, is that John has a kind heart and offered me the $ for the dentist, so i can pay the whole bill immediately. (yes, we live together. yes, we have kids together. no, we don't generally share money. he gets really really freaky about his money. whereas i'm like "it's only money, i can't take it with me when i die!" "you've got to spread it around, like fertilizer, in order for it to grow!" ;) we really don't mesh in our ideas about finances. at all. so we kind of keep them separate. it works better this way for us. much much better. :)

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