Saturday, April 21


this is the yarn here. it's called Harmony. but i'm kind of worried about it now... i just read a post over at Knitter's Review that it's really thinner than a lace weight. gah! guess i'll find out!

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TracyKM said...

That is gorgeous! The long stole....that's what I needed to make, not a triangle shawl. It's my arms that get cold, not my neck!
If it's thin, and you're doing lace that's not a garment, then pretty much just keep knitting. If it's too thin, you could use it double strand, matching (or not) up the colour repeat. But it's no harder to knit thinner yarn as long as you have decent needles and lighting, and aren't worried about fit :) Can't wait to pet it, LOL. I haven't bought any yarn this month!