Wednesday, April 4

...or not

my blood pressures been a tad high for a while. nothing too bad, not enough to warrant worry, just enough to have it monitored.

today? i dunno what the hell has happened. it's so fucking high that the dentist refused to pull the evil tooth. and i have an emergency appt. at my doctor's office in an hour. it's high enough that *i* can see that the numbers are scary and i don't know that much about blood pressure.


i'm so freaked out... which is causing my heart to beat even faster... i'm going to end up giving myself a heart attack because i'm worrying about blood pressure and (gasp) heart attacks.

life... really... i just wanted to have the tooth pulled, come home and milk the experience a little to get in some relaxing knitting time. why do you have to throw a curve ball like this today.

oy vey.


TracyKM said...

Hey girl, calm down! I don't recall the dentist ever taking my blood pressure--and I have hypertension! I've got a whole selection of anti-hypertensives under my sink...can I interest you in any, LOL. You know what the first thing the doctor will say is, don't you? What do you weigh. And exercise. Truely I wouldnt' worry yet. One extreme reading, even if you have slightly high readings sometimes, isn't a huge concern, but might indicate you need some stress management :) Hope you took your knitting.

Jennie said...

Hmmm, odd that the doc would refuse. How high was it if you don't mind me asking? Usually if you are in horrible pain (ie...tooth pains) that could raise your blood pressure, stress and nerves can do it too. So adding all those things up as you are getting ready to get the tooth pulled, all those factors will raise your b/p.