Tuesday, April 10


no knitting progress to show. just a tiny little bit to report. i've joined the fronts and backs of Sahara and am working her in the round baby. just about the start the second part of my slightly modified waist shaping so it'll fit nicely over the hips i'm supposed to have. no. wait. i do have them. but they're spending some time being camouflaged by the post-baby-belly-that-won't-die.

Jake caught a cold, which i promptly caught, which we shared with Juliet. so the kids and i have just been hanging out. we're on the mend now. yaaay!

we did some easter things. nothing big on my side of the family because we weren't feeling too well. my parents came by here while the kids and i flaked in pjs. my mum tried to convince Juliet of the "true" meaning of easter and didn't succeed. Juliet wanted to know what's up with the eggs and bunnies and how that fits in and my poor mum didn't have any answers. i highly doubt Juliet will ever become a religious Christian. so far in her eyes many Pagan ideas make more sense.

always big on the other side of the family, i just sat back and didn't say much... the best way to deal so far. one other brother-in-law and i just do that... sit back and let the rest of them socialize. don't say much so you can't get blamed for much other than being anti-social. put some dishes in the dishwasher near the end. leave promptly and try not to think that you'll have to do it again at the next holiday.

a little running around to do today. hopefully i'll have some photos of Sahara to show you all soon. it's not a hard knit at all. it would be fast if life would just let me knit :)


TracyKM said...

I was asked by an Iranian woman on the weekend, how the bunnies fit in with Jesus. I asked my MIL. She said as a child, they rolled eggs in the park to symbolize the rolling away of the rock covering the tomb opening. But eggs and bunnies are also symbols of fertility and spring. So who knows! Hope you're better, we're just getting into something now :(

TracyKM said...

I'm hijacking your comments to respond cause my MIL sometimes reads my blog and I don't want her to know I think her daughter (and her, really, but that's a different generation), and my other SIL, is lazy :) My comments certainly aren't directed at you--having a medical reason that you probably couldn't b.f. (being engorged after a reduction doesn't always mean that the milk can make it all the way out). I get so tired of stupid comments like "I want daddy to help feed". Or "I tried....for two weeks". So, please know the nipple-nazi folk aren't trying to make YOU feel guilty :) And anyway, feeling guilty means that you know you didn't do what was best for you. And, no one can tell you/make you feel a certain way--it's up to you.
And, if you do ever get pregnant, call me when you're in labour and I'll come let the air out of your tires! Then call me after and we'll come over with the air compressor ;)
Oh...don't know if you know...the Georgetown yarn store now has Trekking sock yarn!
(You can delete/not post these comments...I'll understand; they're not exactly related to your blog entry!). But at least now I'm signed into Blogger.

z said...

i LOL-ed at your comment about letting the air out of our tires during labour!

have you ever thought about being a doula? i think you'd be awesome!

TracyKM said...

I'd love to be a doula. Looked into doula's when pregnant with Lucy, but it didn't work out. But, I don't have the type of family set up right now to be one :( You've got to be able to leave quickly, for who knows how long of period....just wouldn't work right now. But thanks for affirming what I feel :)