Sunday, March 25

oh my god. the pain.

my molar is broken. i can stick my tongue into a hole that goes up into my gum.

it hurts like a motherfucker. worse than that. times 1000.

a neighbour (whom i talked to today only because she yelled at one of my kids and i went over there to yell at her - hey, i was in pain and really really pissy and just itching to let it out on someone) commented that i looked terrible. yeah. thanks. and when i told her why the "your kid is a bigger brat" argument stopped and she found me one little marvelous painkiller she had left over from an episode with kidney stones or some such.

yes, it's a disfunctional friendship.

i don't even know what kind of painkiller it was... morphine perhaps? (yes, i was desperate enough to take an unknown painkiller...) it was certainly stronger than any painkiller i've ever taken. and i should have saved it for now.

i took it a few hours ago and had some lovely pain-free time. and now it's wearing off. and it's like the pain got that much worse. or i was just getting used to being almost pain free.

either way. shit. this hurts.

it hurts enough that i'm almost tempted to just ask John to go at it with a pair of fucking pliers!

if the dentist cannot fit me in for an emergency visit tomorrow i'm going to have to protest by sitting in the office crying so that they'll at least give me something to numb the pain until they can see me.


please cross whatever you can that the dentist can see me asap. and that it won't cost me an arm and a leg. i think i'm just going to request that he pull it... i can't afford any major work. and since it's in the back and you can't see it, even when i'm smiling, i think they can just take it.

maybe i'll bring it home and put it under my pillow. i heard the tooth fairy pays more for the ones that really hurt ;0 (i bet she runs around dressed in leather playing with a whip after hours too)

thanks for letting me vent/cry.


Jennie said...

Oh my goodness. That's just craziness. Yes, painkillers are a plus. ekk. Your dentist really needs to fit you in asap. That's a lot of pain to be in. I have my fingers crossed that you'll get in. :) Keep us posted.

TracyKM said...

OH! All that dentist talk last week! I broke a molar last spring, but I guess it wasn't all that bad, other than feeling extremely odd, it didn't hurt too much. Getting a crown cost about $600 I think---thank god we have some coverage! I thought I had some Tylenol #3's but I just searched and they're all gone :( You could go to the after hours clinic (is it open? it's closing for a few days) or the ER for pain med--one look in your mouth and they'll be able to see it's for real! I do have some nausea medicine that can make you sleepy....Hope you find relief somehow, soon!