Thursday, March 1

still alive! just a few quick things...

SnB at my house tonight if no other plans have been made. i haven't heard from anyone, and have been pretty busy and haven't been able to email anyone to find out what's going on.

so, weather permitting and all, come on by! :D

ACTUALLY - never mind... i'm cancelling... the weather is CRAP. just stay home and be safe gals!!

Jennie... i can't comment on your blog :( the comment window won't fully load. i want to say "you LUCKY chica!!" omg... i wish i had scored that STR!! i haven't ordered any because the shipping is outrageous... $10 US for ONE skein to Canada. insane and a total rip off if you ask me.

i'm almost done the first RubySapphire sock. woot!

there's more soaps in the kids' Etsy shop.

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Jennie said...

Hey girl. OMgoodness. thanks so much for the heads up. I was able to fix it, something retarded with the way I had things set up. Oh and yeah, I know shipping is such a pooper for the nice yarns. That's why I'm gonna save up if I want more STR since I think they charge one shipping price for up to 3 skeins, so I'm gonna make it worth it. And pics of the sock?...hehe