Monday, March 12

i'm still alive!

just busy. seriously. this soap thing has picked up and it's taking over my knitting time!

the kids have made a few sales over at Etsy (yaaaay!), so there's been quite a few trips over to the post office (both to pick up and send packages). i've spent more time than i care to admit photographing soap. out of ten photos i find one that's decent. there's been a LOT of freakin' soap photos. thank the gods for digital cameras!! i've spent time measuring and weighing soaps. and too much time listing them on Etsy. (these kids better love me) ;)

and then there's the actual soap making.

i just want to spend some time knitting now.

i got a few rounds on my RubySapphire sock done this weekend while visiting my parents. but that's all the knitting i've managed to get in.

so since i have no knitting progress i'll have to leave you with another soap photo. yeah. i'm sick of them too. this is Jake's "Study in Contrasts" soap. the scent does not match the appearance at all... he wanted it to be a surprise. so he popped in Brown Sugar scent (omg... the brown sugar scent is absolutely delicious! our friend Maureen said it smells almost like fudge. it's seriously yummy).

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