Sunday, March 25

now here's an anomoly on my blog...

the RubySapphire socks are finally done!! i love love love them!! the yarn is so yummy. they feel really great on my feet... so smooth. i haven't washed them yet... so i don't know how they'll stand up to that, but otherwise i highly recommend RubySapphire's Luster Sock yarn. mmm mmmm good.

and now you can stop gaping... i know... it's really weird to see actual knitting on my knitting blog!

now i'm going to work on Jake's socks. while the kids are outside and there is no soap, or body butter, or lip balm OR solid fragrances to be made and before i have to start dinner!! (we made a solid fragrance with Monkey Farts... it makes me giggle every time someone says the name of it. LOL)


Jennie said...

Hurray, finally some knitting!! j/k, I actually like seeing the amazing stuff your kids think up. The socks look gorgeous!

z said...

thanks Jennie :) i'm freakin' amazed to see knitting on my own knitting blog. lol.