Monday, February 19

deja vu

one down, one to go ;)

the cuff is a little loose... i increased four stitches to accommodate 3x3 ribbing (i thought it would look better than a 2x2 ribbing). but the sock stays up.

i had the idea of posting a little tutorial on how i start my toe-up socks and then, maybe, how i turn the heel. i might work on that later today if time allows.

we're taking a break from ttc. personal info ahead: i have hpv and it's flared up. UGH UGH UGH! i'm so fucking pissed off. it's been about 3 years since the last trouble i had with hpv... WHY now? wtf?! i seriously thought that after so long and so many normal paps i'd never have to deal with it again.

son of a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe

I'm sending you a big hug. Hope it helps


Jennie said...

I second that hug. Sending you lot of virtual huggss... The sock looks great btw.

z said...

thanks gals. i was kind of debating posting the part about the HPV. but then i thought... dammit... something like 75% of sexually active adults will have an HPV infection at some point. but *nobody* talks about it... unless it's about the cancer-causing strains. *nobody* mentions warts. it's so taboo, yet it's SO common. maybe if it weren't so taboo, if people were more open about it, maybe, just maybe, it would slow down the spread of it.

chances are someone coming by here has or is dealing with HPV and it's not-so-pleasant symptoms, maybe they'll feel a little better knowing they're not alone (heck, i'd feel better knowing it ;)