Monday, February 26

this just cracked me up :D

i get an envelope in the mail today from Cafe Press. hrmmm. strange. i haven't used Cafe Press in YEARS! so i open it and find a cheque for $28.57 US. hrmmm. stranger.

way back in the day when i was selling my art online (via my now dead and gone website, i opened a little Cafe Press store.

when i stopped selling i guess i forgot to close the Cafe Press account.

some of the links are broken (because the pictures were hosted on PeachyKeenJellyBean) but a few people are still buying! sweeeet! seems the Moon Goddess t-shirts have been popular ;)

i've been using the She Devil tote as my main knitting bag for years. it's holding up very well... it even got caught in the spokes of my bicycle tired while i was riding it one day and the bag survived intact and fine except for a big oily smear across it.

anyway. this just brightened my day.

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