Monday, February 5

York Minster sock-in-progress

without flash:

with flash:

can you see the dirt on the toe?

i'm past the heel on the first sock for my dad. woot! i didn't take any photos of the progress on that sock... no point, it still looks the same, just longer and with a heel now ;)

the kids are both home safe and sound. and, Tracy, you were right... he did bring someone home. we're calling his new friend Dr. Scholl. (click the link... that's the wart treatment the kid came home with from my parents' house. it's all they had available for warts and poor Jake thought it would spread far and wide if we didn't do something about it right away. thank goodness it's a one-time-type treatment cuz having warts frozen kind of stings in a weird electric shock kind of way - very unpleasant. if, in two weeks, Dr. Scholl is still hanging around Jake's toe we'll get a salicylic acid liquid instead of refreezing.)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything has turned out good. I have had dreams like that, so I know how you feel. About Jakes wart, my Jake had a troublesome one. Dry ice treatments for months, nothing worked. The miracle cure was duct tape. Keep it covered and you starve the wart from oxygen. It worked for us.
Slow down on those socks, your making me look bad. What size needles are you using?

z said...

and i bet duct tape is much more comfy than freezing! i'm going to give that a try :)

i'm using size US 1 needles... 2.25 mm if i remember the conversion correctly :)

TracyKM said...

You DON"T want to know what Rob has been doing to what he assumes is a wart. I have lost the use of several pairs of scissors. I refuse to use them even on paper now...silly man just needs to pay his fine for forgetting his doctor's appointment and find out if it truly IS a wart to start with!
Hope Jake's (both) troubles are short lived :)