Wednesday, February 14

one down, one to go.

so far, so good, if i do say so myself. they are definitely a brighter red than the last pair i made for my dad. they're going to be later than they already are, since i spent a good chunk of my paypal on the "Zehava" sock yarn at RubySapphire, it's gonna take a week to upload more $ into my paypal, and another 2 weeks or so for the extra ball of red Regia i need to arrive.

good thing my father is a patient man.

and now i have to run... i keep smelling some awful mysterious smell that must be found out and eradicated NOW. gawd, how i hate mysterious smells in my house. okay... not as much as the source of them usually. it just makes no sense, really. i mean, i clean every single freakin' day and yet every once in a while there's a terrible mysterious odor and the source of it ends up being gross, unsightly and dirty. how is it that i can clean every day and miss something for long enough that it'll start emitting an odoriferous form of an evil laugh that's saying "mwa ha ha haaa! you missed me!"

i'd so much rather be knitting socks than searching out mysterious odors.


Jennie said...

I'm loving the color! Bright socks are always a mood elevator for me. Bright socks = happy face. :)

Emma said...

Those are going to be some lovely socks!

TracyKM said...

What a great dad you have, re-finishing your bedroom suite and wearing HK red socks!!
What's up for tonight?