Thursday, February 15

what does Etsy mean anyway?

i'm not sure of the origins of the word Etsy. but i DO know it means EVIL. well, in conjunction with insomnia it's evil. what else is a girl to do when she's too tired to actually knit, but can't sleep? ;)

don't believe me? if you're strong and your credit card is far away, here's some proof:

Exhibit One.

Exhibit Two. (but $9.50 shipping? ouch)

Exhibit Three

Exhibit Four
and Five. (not yarn, but still something i think every women should look into, reusable monthly supplies are *so* much better for us, the environment and our wallets!)

need i go on?

SnB at my house tonight gals... pass it on. i found the source of the mysterious yucky odor, so it is once again safe to enter my house. now if i only i could figure out the source of the two strange alien monkeys who keep pestering me the minute i sit down and pick up some knitting ;)

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Anonymous said...

I wanna come tonight but don't have your address. Josee