Tuesday, February 13

where i talk solely about sock yarns...

i'm knitting red socks for my dad, but i didn't order enough yarn. i emailed Woolly's in Shelburne to see if they happen to have the colour i need in stock, but if they don't, i'll just order from TheKnitter.com, where i got the first two balls of Regia.

the issue? Judy at TheKnitter.com doesn't charge shipping (awesome in and of itself). but i only need one ball of $6 yarn and i'd feel like a heel ordering just one stinkin ball when Judy doesn't ask for shipping.

i just got an email from RubySapphire yarns that they're having a 10% off, free shipping sale for their mailing list.

and FunKnits has new Opal yarns for CHEAP compared to every other online source i've seen.

... i want it all, but if i have to order the Regia from TheKnitter, i'm not going to order just one ball, i'll spend the entire $26 in my paypal there.

no matter what i do, i'll end up with more sock yarn than i could possibly knit up in a timely fashion and yet somehow there's always more that i want to try!

there's Socks that Rock... if i don't have to spend my paypal on Regia, i was thinking of ordering a skein of STR to see what all the fuss is about. and of course, there's also Lisa Souza's "Violet's Pink Ribbon" sock yarn which goes to helping out Violet (of Lime and Violet) with her insurance deductible so she can get medical attention for the lump she found. and have you seen the colours available over at Mystical Creations yarns?! and i won't go on about all of the sock yarn Pick Up Sticks carries that i've been coveting.

and the kicker, really, is that Sharon and i joined a Red Bird Knit's sock-of-the-month club... so i'll be getting new sock yarn each and every month no matter what... and yet i'm still tempted by all these other lovelies.

is there a 12-step program for this problem? ;)

so much lovely sock yarn, so little time and money, such hard decisions ;)

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