Friday, February 23

Juliet's new "business"

my little girl isn't so little anymore. she's been talking about getting a job (like delivering the newspaper) for a while, but was rather hesitant to actually do it. she said she wants to have a job like her dad... work for herself, be the boss, have her very own business!

she finally came up with something and she is gung-ho about it. she's started her own little soap company. she's planning on selling soaps to begin with and then add lip balms and bath bombs to her line... and then maybe even more. she's made a commitment to at least keep going until she pays back her business loan (ie... my yarn money).

she's calling her little business Victoria's Suds n Soaps (Victoria is her middle name). i know she's my kid and i'm biased and all... but i think so far her soaps are turning out great! she's ordered new ingredients online and plans to make Cocoa Butter, Honey and Goat's Milk soap available in the near future, until then she's got some lovely clear glycerin soaps on hand in a small variety of scents.

of course we're counting this as a homeschooling project on top of everything else. she's keeping her own inventory/money in/money out. but i'm helping her find "clients" (her friends don't have that much extra money to spend, so she's hoping i can help her find some adults with more expendable income LOL).

i'm so proud of her though. even if she decides it's not for her after she pays back her loan, i'm proud she's taken the initiative to give it a go.

so watch this space for some of Victoria's Suds n Soaps in the very near future!


TracyKM said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to hear more. I tried the old candle making thing once. Too bad there wasn't the internet back then. Oprah recently had a show about smart kids, and one started her own hair care business at age 11, perhaps there's resources on Oprah's site.
Maybe you could knit little petal bodycloths or scrubbers to go with the soap. There was a pattern in an old Interweave Knits, uses cotton chenille...and Camilla Valley Farm has cotton chenille :) (And Step sock yarn, LOL)

z said...

how are you feeling today Tracy? (((hugs)))

the facecloths is a fun idea! i think i might have to work on my speed knitting to keep up with Juliet's demands though ;)

i'm taking a break from the messy soap business right now... i was given 30 minutes to shower and get make-up on by my new boss *rolls eyes jokingly*. she's getting the hang of doing it on her own, so hopefully i'll be fired soon ;)

TracyKM said...

Nothing like getting fired by a pint size boss!
Made it through Friday night with no Megan vomit! Now, if only her diapers didn't look like...melted rocky road ice cream? My fever is gone, but I'm still pretty stiff, my throat and glans are still sore, and I have one of those annoying, not quite a headache buzz happening. Thanks for all the get well thoughts; I was actually knitting yesterday!