Monday, February 26

pictures to go with last night's post...

(i just uploaded them to photobucket and then edited the size to 640x480. smaller than usual, but meh, it'll do for now.)

i turned the heel on the RubySapphire sock last night. lovin' it! i just decided to go with plain stockinette. i thought a pattern might get lost in the colours (Jaywalkers might work though), and i wasn't really sure how the yarn would knit up. i'm really tempted to buy another hank of their "luster sock" (50% merino, 50% tencel).

my sock yarn stash is getting bigger again... i just sold a bunch of it! Red Bird Knit's sock of the month club kit showed up late last week (thanks Sharon!)... it has two balls of yarn in it, enough for 2 pairs of socks OR the pattern that came along with the kit - isn't the sock pretty?!. of course, Juliet has claimed the kit as her own yet again ;) i guess since i'm ripping back the Yorkminster sock i might be able to accommodate her wishes... eventually!

it all makes me wish i could knit faster ;)

tomorrow is a big day... it's my brother's 30th birthday!!! and he still lives at home... mwa hahahahaa!! (i laugh, but he's going to school, so living at home is the only option at the moment) i saw the BEST t-shirt for him, but wouldn't you know it's sold out in his size. ARG. we'll probably head up to see him next weekend to do some celebrating! :)


TracyKM said...

You're supposed to knit TWO of those Latvian wedding socks in a month?! OMG. Can you two handed Fair Isle? The pressure! LOL.
Lucy wnats some of the heart soaps, and perhaps a lizard soap might encourage Huey to umm...clean a little more? LOL. I'll let you (or Juliet!) know on Thursday? Which will be where? Because I have lost a week into the abyss and am trying hard to reclaim some of it :)

z said...

how are you feeling? you've been on my mind all week.

i'm not sure where we're meeting either. i didn't really make it out last week... i had a migraine. Juliet and i just stopped by Josee's for a few minutes, i didn't stay to knit.

i don't mind if you all want to meet here again. i wonder if Tobi is back :D i'll send out some emails later and find out what's going on for Thursday :D