Friday, February 23

the soaps (for now)

picture heavy post ahead.

here are the basic shapes Juliet has available for sale right now (pardon the wrapping, she's planning on buying better wrapping as soon as she makes a little more money):

the cube:

the rectangle:

the circle:

the hexagon:

little heart shaped guest soaps with rose carvings:

and she also has some fun things to embed in her soap:

the regular sized bars are all between 80-100 grams (approx. 3.5 oz)... same size as your every day shower bar.

the little guest soaps are just that... little. only really suitable for sink-side use.

aren't they cute? the batch she did today she's calling her "Party Soaps"... they're drying now. they remind me of tie-dye. i can't wait to see the finished products.

her pricing is pretty straight forward...
- the regular sized bars are $4 each (Canadian funds) OR three for $10.
- the guest sized bars are $2 OR three for $5

there are some bars that didn't quite make the "regular" bar cut... they're still beautiful, just a little smaller than the regular bars... all approximately 3/4 the size of the regular bars. she's selling these for $3.

shipping of these items is a flat rate of $5 (Canada Post is a bitch) no matter how much you order.

she welcomes custom orders. here are the specs:

AVAILABLE SCENTS: pearberry (i love this one... a crisp pear with an undertone of tart berry), vanilla, lavender, honey almond, rose, unscented.

AVAILABLE COLOURS: red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, clear. colours can be solid, light or dark, swirled or blocked.

AVAILABLE BASE SOAPS: clear glycerin. honey, cocoa butter and goat's milk coming soon!

INSERTS (for bigger bars only):
- Easter themed mini shapes (egg, bunny, duck)
- mini baby ducks (see above)
- large lizards in either yellow, orange, blue or green (see above)
- fabric hearts in pastel colours (see above)
- plastic gems in pastel colours.
- soap chunks in colours of your choice (see above).
WARNING: some inserts may be a choking hazard for smaller children!!

if anyone is interested they can email me at artsyz AT sympatico DOT ca.

and now i think i can sneak in a little sock knitting ;)

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Jennie said...

very cute stuff, I think Juliet is gonna do awesome. such a smarties for doing this. you're also a super mum for giving up stash money to help her out on this great business adventure.