Wednesday, February 14

a yarn... with MY NAME on it

so, here i am, can't sleep as per usual and decide to take a quick peek over at RubySapphire's Etsy shop to see if they have anything new.

ermm... yeah, they do. and it's got my name on it. literally.

you have NO idea how much this thrills me. i mean, i grew up with the name Erica... nothing ever had my name on it. Erica was never an option on those racks of pre-personalized pencils/erasers/etc. i couldn't even go with a middle name either... Wilhelmina or Maria just weren't popular enough to make it to any of the my-name's-on-it racks. and then when i became Zehava... ha! just try finding that anywhere ;)

those ladies over at RubySapphire are two slick women, i tell you. who can resist buying a yarn with their name on it?!

1 comment:

Jennie said...

ahh...that is really a pretty color. I can't wait to see the design you decide to use with it. You've piqued my interest with RubySapphire's Etsy shop.