Friday, February 16

another month down the drain

how in the world do people do this for any amount of time without going absolutely insane?! we're passing month 9 or 10 (lost track) now and i feel like i'm going to lose it.

i am so close to just throwing up my hands in defeat. i've even stopped temping. but dammit, i can't stop noticing the other signs that it's time to get down to business. 'cept, well, John's very out of commission at the moment... after another lovely dentist visit, he's not going to feel like anything but vegging on the sofa for a few days.


TracyKM said...

Awh! :( I know I've been very blessed with easy fertility, so I can't say I know how you feel, but I can imagine. All I know is that fertility can be a mini picture of overall health (like, a vitamin deficiency or PCOS) and that there are a lot of issues that have fairly simple solutions once you know what the issue is.
I got your email about the party too late, we were out all day.
And, just for Sharon, I found the blog I was recently reading (linked to it from your list), and she fixed a wrong cable crossing, a long ways down by grafting.
Keep smiling!

z said...

thanks Tracy. it's so frustrating because Juliet and Jake were conceived the first month of "trying". wtf huh.

we had fun last night at Sharon's! we didn't stay long... Juliet got a headache and wanted to go home after about 2 hours of running around with Sharon's kidlets. i was pretty bummed to leave so early, but i knew John wouldn't be up to taking Juliet home and then coming back for me again in a few more hours.

Jamie is hilarious!! and i got to meet her Pool Boy. mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm. i've come to the conclusion we all need Pool Boys, pools or not ;)