Sunday, December 24

best Christmas ever!

we're done and we had a BLAST!! we had Christmas at the in-laws yesterday and Christmas with my parents today. lots of ymmmmmmy food, loads and loads and loads of laughs, kids running, playing and giggling, a couple of tears (especially today... i think the excitement of two days of Christmas celebrations in a row was slight overload for Jake), but all in all a *really* great holiday :)

(yes, the socks got done... i finished them during Christmas with the in-laws... and my dad loves 'em!!)

we're staying up late to play tonight (we're all giddy), we're having a "sleepover" in my bedroom... the kids' mattresses are arranged on the floor amongst their new toys, John's hanging out on his computer and i'm here, sitting in bed with the laptop and planning on picking up my log cabin blanket again. no signs of anyone passing out anytime soon, but i'm sure it'll hit all at once... probably after i shut off the ceiling light and we all have to play by the light of the bedside lamp.

tomorrow we have some time to relax (and clean up!! oy!), so i'll post some pictures of our fun then :)

Merry Christmas !!! :D

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