Thursday, December 21

so. busy.

no time to blog. not enough time to knit. looks like i'll be furiously knitting late into the eve of Christmas to get my dad's socks done in time. i was so hoping to avoid that!! i've had some unexpected things come up that *MUST* be dealt with *NOW* and it's sort of taken over my life at the moment. but i'm not upset about it. i'm glad i have the information to stand up for what is right, even if things don't work out in our favour in the end, at least i'll know i took the time to stand up for what's right. and i'm eternally grateful Juliet and Jakob are the kids they are. they've spent hours next to me with magazines, colouring books and the PSP, quietly keeping themselves occupied while i've studied by-laws, written letters and left messages for lawyers. they are awesome children!

if you all could keep us (the group of us standing up for justice) in your prayers and thoughts, i would really appreciate it. we could use all the prayers and positive thoughts we can get to make it through this.

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TracyKM said...

Good for you to stand up to bullies and fight for what's right! I hate when unexpected things pop up and play havoc on my plans. Especially knitting plans, LOL.
Merry Christmas to all of you, hopefully Santa thinks you've been good :)