Tuesday, December 5

a knit in action!

it's cold out there today! the kids don't seem to mind much though, do they :D. pay no mind to the cutesy-ness of the matching coats... my mom ordered them from Sears. they both have camouflage vests that go over the coats, but neither kid has found it cold enough out to wear both the coat and vest together yet. the coats, camo and all, are from the girl's outerwear department, but Jake doesn't care one bit... it's blue and has "army print", that's boy enough for him!

Juliet is wearing the Hermione hat i knit for her last year. the yarn is Patons Shetland Chunky. it's been through a lot. the poor kid had lice twice last year, the hat (despite the washing label on the yarn) has been through both a hot laundering and the dryer on high... at least twice. and has survived! thank goodness, because she loves her Hermione hat and i think if it hadn't survived our fun with lice i would have had to reknit it.


TracyKM said...

I'm just popping in to ask if you've seen this blog: http://feltedhandbagworkshop.blogspot.com/ she has a pattern in the current Knitty and I followed the link to her site. Wow! I'm going back to see if she has any other free patterns cause I'm too cheap to buy ones (and, I used PayPal last Christmas--once--and I don't remember my password or anything, and our printer doesn't print well enough to actually buy something that I'll have to print out, LOL).

z said...

oh yeah... i've seen her blog :D i really like the zig zag felted bag she's made.