Friday, December 29

a great time was had by all

some photos. the kids are gone to my parents' for the night, John's at work... i have some time to edit a few and upload them :)

here's most of my family on December 24th (my dad had to go lie down for a while... he has fibromyalgia and was feeling it):

Jake and his new beanbag chair (Juliet got exactly the same one, but in pink):

Juliet's new digital camera!! John splurged on her this year! Her camera is better than mine!! *jealous*

Juliet opening the gift Jake picked out for her. he was SO excited, he had been asking for days if he could just give it to her *now* instead of waiting for the 24th. it's a Bratz horse and carriage.

a picture of the kids with their cousins on John's side of the family (only one was missing... he lives in Alberta). my brother doesn't have kids, so these are really the only first cousins the kids have so far. i hope the family doesn't mind me posting this picture. it is so nice to see them together like that :) we had Christmas with them on the 23rd and it was really really nice!

and finally... my dad wearing his new knit socks - man, it's great to see my socks on other appreciative feet! he loves them! (i sneakily took this photo while he was on the phone here about an hour ago)


TracyKM said...

It looks like you all had a great time! Please tell me that was not your house though--I know sometimes I'm oblivious, but I don't remember seeing that gorgeous piano!
It's wonderful to knit something for someone who really appreciates it! Especially socks! We still haven't had all of our Christmas yet :( Still too many sick people here!

z said...

~~~no more sickies for Tracy and the gang!!~~~ you guys have had your FILL! hope everyone is well VERY soon!!

nope... not my house. i wish... kinda! it's my parents' apartment. they have lovely things and lovely taste! and i swear their two-bdrm apartment is bigger than my three bedroom townhouse. but, they live right by the airport AND beside the 401 in Etobicoke... planes fly right over their building on take-off/landing. it can be pretty loud.

z said...

oh yeah... and i'm *so* thrilled my dad likes his socks. i'm already checking out where i can get more plain old red sock yarn to make him another pair for his birthday. it feels wonderful when the recipient of a knitted gift really appreciates it :)