Tuesday, December 12


holy shit. what a morning. the toaster caught on fire. everything is fine. the fire is out. no major damage (the bottom of the cupboard that was over the toaster is a little blackened, but nothing that requires much more than a good scrubbing and a little face lift). a lot of mess though - ash *everywhere*. and let me say that i will NEVER EVER EVER live without a fire extinguisher in the house. ever. without my ugly fire extinguisher i'm sure things would have gotten worse.

i'm just trying to calm down a bit before continuing the clean up. i'll go back into the kitchen soon to clean up the rest. and then shower and call to have my fire extinguisher recharged.

so... my PSA for the day... make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your house!

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tobi said...

YIKES!!! Glad to hear everything is okay! You're absolutely right about the fire extinguisher - a must have!
By the way, are you coming on Friday and do you want a ride?