Thursday, December 7

simply irresistable!

i have no self control. i had seen Twilleys of Stamford's Spirit Wool online a few times and thought it looked beautiful in the pictures. i have used Twilleys of Stamford's Freedom Wool before and it was wonderful to work with... beautiful quality! (and no brambles, sticks or splinters to pick out of it Sharon! LOL.) i figured the Spirit would be just as lovely. when i walked into it at Woolly's yarn store in Shelburne yesterday... wow. i just couldn't resist!! i bought two balls to play with. i think i'll make mittens with it. i got colour 504... "Energy".

and while i was there i promised i'd make a pair of mittens for their charity basket. they gave me some yarn and i set to work right away last night. i'm doubling the yarn up with some left over acrylic i had and the effect is actually pretty neat:

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