Tuesday, December 5

when stress attacks.

the kid takes advantage...

things have been stressful around here. John had a car accident a few weeks back and didn't get much from the insurance for his totaled car. he doesn't handle stress well. at all.

he bought a car with cash he was offered as help in mind. but now that the deal is done the offerer mentioned a condition must be met before the offer can stand, so John is politely refusing the help. i am not at all upset with the "string" that's been attached or with the offerer for attaching it (after all, it was nice that the offerer offered in the first place). i'm actually relieved John won't be taking up the offer, but coming up with that extra $ in just a matter of a day or two is not going to be easy.

when John gets stressed out he gets really irritable and sometimes nasty with the fam. it hasn't been the greatest week around here what with Mr. Stressed out and with me and PMS. so chilling out when he's off at work helps us get relaxed enough that his snapping doesn't get us too down when he gets home. we try not to get upset with him about it (which can be hard for me when i'm PMSing!), we just try to avoid him when he's this stressed out. i can't wait until this is all over, the new car is in the driveway, paid for and the stress falls to a more reasonable level.

i *know* it will work out fine in the end... we've been through worse and come out okay.

in knitting news, stress helps me knit a little faster than usual... my brother's Christmas Austermann Step socks are coming along nicely. i was so bummed while knitting the second sock to find a big old knot in the ball of yarn!! i had to unwind, wind, cut and generally mess around with it to get the stripes back in order so they'd line up nicely again.

and just to add a little extra "d'oh!" to the situation, Pick Up Sticks has added new stock and restocked the VvS yarns i have been dying to buy! perhaps after Christmas when things settle down a little financially i'll finally be able to order some yummy yarny (Canadian!) goodness :D

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