Saturday, December 16


8 years ago today we were blessed with a son. he has been the main source of laughter to all of us since the moment he was born. labour with him was fairly fast... 7 and a half hours. it started when i woke up that morning and was over at 2:37 when Jake made his appearance. i cannot even imagine life without my son ever again, even if one of my first reactions after i heard "you have a boy!" was "what do i do with a boy?!"

that's the little outfit he wore home from the hospital John's holding up to him. and after spending a little time with him, now i know what to "do" with my son and i wouldn't trade him for 100 daughters.

Jake decided he wanted to go get a Christmas tree with my mum, dad and brother today and have our cousin Elijah spend the night. here's some photos from our day.

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TracyKM said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day :) We are treeless, and it might stay that way this year!