Friday, December 1

growing too...

thanks to SnB last night i got some work done on the Austermann Step socks intended for my brother for Christmas.

i had some trouble finding SnB at Tracy's house last night. i read the email she sent a few times (she was very clear in her directions, i should have just printed it out instead of relying on my memory). we all piled into the car and i told John with confidence to find house number 296. so off we go. we get to house 296 and things seem a little odd to me, but i ring the doorbell anyway.

i think i disturbed the elderly lady. she was wearing a heavy dressing gown and didn't open the door all the way. erg. oops. wrong house. i apologize sincerely and get back into the car (thank goodness John decided to wait just in case it was the wrong house).

now we drive back home so i can read Tracy's email again. arg. i'm a dork. she's not at house 296... she's at house 269.

so off we go again to find house 269. John waits in the driveway again to make sure he's leaving me at the right house this time.

so i was late to SnB, but still managed to get some SnBing in before the night's end. Tracy has a wonderful home and her youngest daughter is just the most adorable little thing on the planet! Thanks Tracy :D

psst... did you see that Stitch Diva Studios has the new Sahara pattern available? i'd love this one - i have yarn i can use for it in my stash and everything! but i'm 97cents short (in my paypal account), so i can't order it just yet. and it's such a pain in the ass to upload cash into paypal - i'm not sure it's going to be worth the hassle to add $0.97. so i'll wait until i can afford to upload a little more than that. and honestly, i know myself too well... if i did have that extra $0.97 and ordered the pattern i'd just have another project to distract me from the Christmas knitting i really must get done.

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