Friday, December 8

a great morning was had by (almost) all...

lookie... my secret santa package!! it's from Carrie!!! excitement!!!!

inside were these lovely gifts... i almost didn't want to open them right away. i was tempted to leave them and put them under the Christmas tree because they looked so pretty all wrapped and festive!

look at this!! she cross-stitched a little ornament! i *love* this!!! it's going on the Christmas tree this year.

"hey mom, we'll help you open them!"

"oh. it's just knitting stuff."

*just* knitting stuff?! these kids do not have a proper appreciation for yarn or Nancy Bush do they. i am *so* excited to have received this book from Carrie... it's been on my wish list for*ever*! i love Nancy Bush! and the yarn... also exciting! i haven't ordered from KnitPicks because the shipping to Canada is crazy high. she picked the perfect colourway in the Simple Stripe sock yarn. LOVE the colours!! Jakob loves 'em too... after his initial "oh it's just yarn" reaction he decided "hey, mom, i would like some socks in that yarn!!" hrmm... i guess they have some appreciation for knitting if Jake knew right off the bat that this was sock yarn. i must be doing something right ;)

all in all... i LOVE my Secret Santa gift!! now i really really really have to finish my Christmas knitting so i can get to this stuff :D

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Holly Burnham said...

I've never been part of a 'Secret Santa' exchange....what fun. I have also seen 'Secret Friend' exchanges...what a wonderful way to meet and get to know other people!