Sunday, December 31

Christmas stash

a bag of ten balls of Moda Dea's Cache and Fleece Artist's Amelia Helmet kit. i'm not sure i'll actually make the hat with it though, i think hats look funny on me. i guess i can make it and if it looks silly i can rip it back and make mittens or something instead :)

the new year is approaching and i'm seriously considering giving up the ghost of ever having another kid. John's not as interested in that prospect as i am, my body is not working as it should and i don't know if i want to go through visiting fertility specialists. i don't want to spend 2007 thinking about all of this... the past 8 months have sucked and i don't think i can handle it anymore. i mean, it would be a whole other ball game if John were just as excited, but because he's not, meh. i know he only agreed to another because he cares about me. he's a sweet heart.

at this point, i feel like i have a bigger chance of winning the lottery than ever getting pregnant.

i think i'll go buy a ticket this afternoon ;)

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